The Wolff Sisters are like a perfect storm. A collection of different elements come together to create this swirling cyclone of heated voice and instrument and sonically powered passion that just works. It just works so well.
— Red Line Roots

Gritty and raw folk-rock outfit The Wolff Sisters released their sophomore album, “Cahoon Hollow,” at the end of March 2018. The album spins a tale of their adventures dancing barefoot through hazy summer nights, dizzy with the love and wanderlust that carried them from sand dunes and mountains to highways and rivers all over New England. It was recorded at Dirt Floor Studios in Chester, CT and produced by Eric Michael Lichter. A 9-song collection of original work, “Cahoon Hollow” is a rock n’ roll sonic blanket that stands out for its triple sister harmonies and out standing musicianship.

The Wolff Sisters & The Last Cavalry first broke into the Boston music scene as an acoustic trio. With haunting harmonies and songs reminiscent of washed up wanderers on New England’s salty coasts, Rebecca, Rachael, and Kat stole Boston’s heart as The Wolff Sisters (yes, they’re really sisters). Born to a poet and a musician, they grew up on the heavy realism of Dylan and Springsteen blended with the loose and loud Rolling Stones. Drawing inspiration from blues giants like Howlin’ Wolf and modern storytellers Dawes, The Wolff Sisters don’t fit into one genre of music. With Rebecca on acoustic guitar, Rachael on electric guitar, Kat on keys, and all three on vocals, the sisters spent years honing their sound together in an old victorian house just outside Boston.

In 2015, the trio amplified their performance with the addition of The Last Cavalry. With Joe Soldati on bass and Will Rodriguez on drums, the band seeks to bring that loose blues, roots, and rock n’ roll sound back into the forefront of the music scene.



The Massachusetts trio of sisters — Rebecca, Rachael and Kat — have conjured a second album that looks at every angle of Americana. ‘Cahoon Hollow’ plays like a master class in pop and folk songcraft, Nashville-studio-sessions-to-Appalachian-picking-party musicianship and an earthy production fit for Dylan in the ’60s or a modern Tedeschi Trucks Band record.
— Boston Herald
From foot-stompers like ‘Down By The Lake’ to the bluesy undertones of tracks like ‘The Hollow’ to the Springsteen-styled storytelling of tracks like ‘Leave This Town’, The Wolff Sisters have seemingly perfected just about every corner of the Americana pantheon.
— The Metal Dad
‘Cahoon Hollow’ is a delightful album that has depth and soul, tunes you can hum and lyrics you can relate to...
— Americana UK
Dotted with Stratocaster licks, steady rhythms and key arrangements ranging from the incredibly subtle and beautiful to epic and huge, the record [Cahoon Hollow] as a whole is a groovy-meets-raw collection of tunes that can only be conjured and spiffed up with the chemistry and harmonies that siblings can create.
— Red Line Roots