“From foot-stompers like 'Down By The Lake' to the bluesy undertones of tracks like 'The Hollow' to the Springsteen-styled storytelling of tracks like 'Leave This Town', The Wolff Sisters have seemingly perfected just about every corner of the Americana pantheon.”

- The Metal Dad, ‘Cahoon Hollow’ Album Review (Full Article Here)

“The Wolff Sisters are like a perfect storm. A collection of different elements come together to create this swirling cyclone of heated voice and instrument and sonically powered passion that just works. It just works so well.”

- Red Line Roots (Full Article Here)

" ‘Cahoon Hollow’ is a delightful album that has depth and soul, tunes you can hum and lyrics you can relate to..."

- Americana UK, 'Cahoon Hollow' Album Review (Full Article Here)